Email GateWay

Do you currently own mail server without Antivirus and Spam filter do you need Front Mail, all emails are sent through an email washer before being forwarded on to them in purified format.

We examine all your inbound and outbound email. Spam is rejected before it reaches your email server and reduces the load on this, and we frees bandwidth for the strain spam provides. We stop and remove threats and attacks that can come via email. Should your email server go down, we will have security copy of all email sent during this period, and automatically forward these when your server is on the air again.

Spam and viruses constitute a major problem for many businesses, who every day are affected by thousands harmful and unwanted email messages. Today, Spam around 85-90%, and viruses approximately 1% of all sent email. With an external email security solution from Front Office release thinking about spam and viruses, and can focus on the areas that provide value to the business.

By letting all emails go through a mail server, we stop viruses and spam in your corporate email without the need for investments or own IT expertise. Instead draw you a email subscription with viruses and spam control and now with Front Mail support for a fixed monthly price. It is both cheaper and safer. 

Description Basic Standard Business Enterprise
Accounts 1-9 10-20 21-50 51-99
Traffic in GB pr. month 10GB 20GB 30GB 50GB
Anti-virus og Spam filter Yes Yes Yes Yes
Inclusiv FrontMail ®
Yes Yes Yes Yes
0,- 0,- 0,- 0,-
Monthly price 75,- 145,- 495,- 990,-

Outbreak Protection
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Front mail
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