Front Office uses MDaemon email server email engine together with our windows hosting or as plain email service. Email server supports POP3, IMAP, MAPI / SMTP protocols and ACTIVE_SYNC and delivers solid performance from its feature-rich and user-friendly design.

A trusted alternative to Microsoft Exchange with excellent groupware features, integration with Microsoft Outlook (For groupware need office2013 or later) and a one multilingual web client that ensures access to your messages wherever you may be.

Moreover MDaemon email server a number of features to support mailing lists, content filtering, support for multiple domains, flexible management and a design for mobile access acc. open standards.

MDaemon email server is leading in email security thanks to a layered approach (with SecurityPlus for MDaemon) that provides proactive protection against all email-based threats such as spam, viruses and phishing. MDaemon email server uses advanced authentication techniques for email voucher By Reference (VBR) and validates and signs messages using. DKIM, DK, Sender ID and SPFVi provides in addition a revolutionary web-based email reader that is guaranteed to make your job easier wherever you are.

With this email reader can read email from your mobile phone or any computer with an Internet connection. You have access to your address book, an advanced scheduler and have the ability to send text messages.


Description Entry Basic Standard Business
Accounts 1 5 10 20
Anti-virus and Spam Filter Yes Yes Yes Yes
Inklusiv FrontMail ®[1] Yes Yes Yes Yes
Establishment 0,- 0,- 0,- 0,-
Monthly price 20,- 75,- 145,- 245,-

  1. The entire 1GB (1000MB) storage per account
  2. Access to webmail - read your mail anywhere you want!
  3. Set up as many alias accounts you want
  4. Set up and check your email accounts through its own control panel
  5. Virus and spam control Jacking
  6. ActiveSync support / POP3 / IMAP (Groupware support).
  7. Front Mail is free to use up to 100MB per. month, and attachments are automatically deleted after 7 days, then costs Front Mail 25 cents per. transferred MB and attachments can be stored up to 1 year. Encrypted messages cost 5, - for each email

Outbreak Protection
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Front mail
Front Office offers Front Mail solution together with our gateway. Read more about FrontMail.