SSL Certificate

Why do I need SSL?

An SSL certificate creates confidence among its customers. When the customer must provide personal information, they will see the familiar padlock in the browser which means that the information exchanged between the client and your website is encrypted and secure. It ensures communication between you and your end users and increasing confidence in your website or service and provide increased conversion and sales.

  • Competitive advantage through the creation of a safer choice than your competitors.
  • Show your customers that you take security seriously.
  • Assurance by guaranteeing that your server transmits data encrypted to the recipient
  • Get your customers to feel safe in that certificate issuer guarantees for who you are (only SSL certificates with full validation
  • All site with payment solution shall have approved SSL certificate.

Why vs. international supplier.?

  • No problems with norwegian charaters when verifing information.
  • Stronges encryption and fast deliveranvce.
  • Local support.
  • Long time suppolier of ID and ID-services
  • Follow best practice.
  • Following norwegain laws and regulations.
  • Sertifiedt byr ETSI, ISO 9001 og 27001
  • Member of  CA/Browser Forum
Description Domain Business Evident EV
Authentification Domain Validation

Organization Validation

Extended Validation
Green adresseline[1] - - Yes
Organisation information in sertificate - Yes Yes
Support Google’s Certificate Transparency (CT) - - Yes
Multiple domains in same SSl (Multi, SAN)  Yes Yes Yes
Sertificate  with og Yes Yes Yes
Minimum 2048 bits RSA nøkkel Yes Yes Yes
SHA256 as standard hashalgoritme Yes Yes Yes
Lifespan 1, 2 og 3 year 1, 2 og 3 year 1 og 2 year
Delivery time instant 1 day 1-3 days
Free replacement sertificate Yes Yes Yes
Price pr. year. 300,- 990,-[5] 1900,-[6]


Wildcard[2] -
Extra  maindomain[3] -
Extra mulitdomain[4]

1. - If a BuyPass EV certificate could talk, it would say "Look here, you are now on a secure page." The people / customers who visit your website will be aware of this when the address bar turns green. The green color indicates that the website is legitimate, that the communication is encrypted and that their safety here safeguarded. 

2. - Wildcard: When booking you start with a single certificate of the selected type, adding the wild card property of the ordering process.

3. - Main Domains: When booking you start with a single certificate of the selected type, adding additional primary domains.

4. - Multi Domains: When booking you start with a single certificate of chosen theme, and adds multi domain / SAN properties in the ordering process.

5. - Lowest price per year is based on the purchase of 2 year campaign. You pay the price of 1-year certificate (1980,-) when booking 2-year certificate

6 - Promotional price per year with the purchase of an EV Certificate 2-year life. Kmpanjepris certificate with 1 year lifespan 2500,-


All prices are exclusive of VAT and the agreement is for 1,2 and 3 years. and payable in advance.