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FrontOffice Webdesign delivers customized web services in terms of assistance to the analysis, design, development, optimization and management of targeted sites. Our specialty is tailoring using PHP / MYSQL and setup and customization of publishing solutions based on WordPress.

Here you can read more about how we go forward for the design of a complete web site.

Requirement analysis for new website
The analysis is the basic work which is the basis for all other work, whether it involves a review of an existing site to identify strengths and weaknesses in this or requirement analysis in connection with the creation of a new website.

A requirement analysis is always where we start when a new website will be designed and developed.
The customer must have an awareness of issues of this kind:

  • Who are typical users of the site?
  • What information should be made available on the website?
  • How data information shall be organized on the site?
  • How will users navigate between pages?
  • Which parts of the website will be updated regularly?
  • Who is responsible for updating the website? The last question is the most important - users will not return to a site that is not being updated with new information.

Design of your website discusses developments including choices related to your site's appearance, such as layout, color and any theme. In the design process are also made decisions about how content will be distributed and how users will navigate between pages. The end product of the design process can be a paper-based sketch, an electronic sketch in the form of an image created in Photoshop, or a functioning website.

Menu structure is about it to navigate around the site. A conscious relationship to the placement of elements on the page is important.

Design of template / template
The most important and perhaps most time-consuming design task is related to the completion of a template (also called template) for the website. One can use standard templates makes a tremendous cost savings or specially designed template (separate offer).

The work that has been put in, demand analysis provides valuable input to this process. It can often also be given guidelines for a design, such that a set of colors to be used. This template is finally starting point for the production of all the other pages that make up the site - a kind of mold.

Development should never be commenced prior to analysis and design is in place - this because these activities provide guidelines for what will actually be made. It pays moreover to make a good piece of work in these early stages when changes further out in the project tend to be far more expensive than changes made for example during the design process.

Development of dynamic HTML page
A dynamic web page is a single page that typically reads from and / or writes data to a database. Typical examples of this is a page that shows news, contact form or blog page.

Development of static HTML page
A static HTML page is thus the opposite of dynamic page - a page that live their own lives without information changes frequently. A typical example of this is a page with contact information.

Seo optimization
What exactly is search engine optimization? Search Engine Optimization allows you both to customize design and content according to specific guidelines. These guidelines are constantly changing, but there are some basic rules that you must follow.

  • Page name: your main keywords of this page must be part of the site name
  • Title: max 10-12 words or 40 characters. Start with the most relevant word for the page content.
  • Description: max 200 letters, you can feel free to copy the Title tag in here if this text is seo optimaisert.
  • Contents: A search engine friendly page should contain at least 250 words. Use as many keywords as possible without seeming unnatural. Remember that you are writing for people, not robots!

Ad-hoc management
If you only occasionally wish to make changes to your site's ad-hoc management the most appropriate. Changes performed by contacting Front Office Webdesign timely and specified what should be done and within what time limit. Ad-hoc management invoiced per. hour, hours spent billed in arrears. month.

Monthly management
This type of management is most beneficial if your website has increased the need for changes in certain periods, such as a football club who want changes made in advance of start of the season with new lagoppsett and the like. You can then included management agreement for one or more months and Front Office Webdesign make changes continuously within this period. Monthly management invoiced per. month, along with your other services

Annual management
For those who have a need for changes throughout the year offers Front Office Webdesign annual management agreements. You pay when a fixed price per. years, and we make changes as soon as we get notification of these from you. Annual management invoiced per. year - along with your other services

The final product is an accurate website
You are of course free forward to combining the services offered to your specific needs and your website. Please contact us to take an informal chat. 

Description Web Standard Web Total
Standard Template / Layout 2560,- 2560,-
Specially designed Template3 / setup No Ask for price
Needs analysis for new website 1920,- 1920,-
Developing static page 640,- 640,-
Developing dynamic page 1280,- 1280,-
Optimization Seo pr. side 320,- 320,-
WordPess online courses one hour [1] 1280,- 1280,-
Management ad-hoc [2] Ad-hoc Ad-hoc
Management per month. No 1280,-
Management pr. year No 12800,-


Price Example 1:
You have no website today but want to create a single website consisting of 5 pieces static HTML pages.

Beskrivelse Amount Pr. item Subtotal
Needs analysis for new website 1 kr 1.920,- kr 1.920,-
Design / Layout of Standard Templatel 1 kr 2.560,- kr 2.560,-
Development of static HTML page 5 kr 640,- kr 3.200,-
Testing and commissioning 1 2.560,- kr 2.560,-
Overall for this price example: kr 10.240,-

 Price Example 2:
You already have a website with another provider, but want to discard the current site and create a brand new site consisting of 10 static HTML pages, dynamic HTML 5 pages. You also want to perform a thorough analysis of the existing site as well as a needs analysis for the new, as well as code using to set up SEO Keywords / description / links pr. side to ensure that the website is the most accurate.

Beskrivelse Amount Pr. item Subtotal
Needs analysis for new website 1 kr 1.920,- kr 1.920,-
Design / Layout of Standard Template 1 kr 2.560,- kr 2.560,-
Development of static HTML page 10 kr 640,- kr 6.400,-
Development of dynamic HTML page 5 kr 1.280,- kr 6.400,-
Seo analysis 15 kr 320,- kr 4.800,-
Testing and commissioning 1 2.560,- kr 2.560,-
Overall for this price example: kr 24.640,-

[1] = Do you as a customer to enter the information itself, we recommend that you take an one-hour online courses in the use of wordpress
[2] = Ad-hoc management pr. hour, every job is commenced hour

All prices are exclusive of VAT and the agreement is for 12 months. and payable in advance.