VPS - FTP Virtual Private Server

On the FrontOffice serverfarm you can rent your own FTP server as a tool for safe and easy transfer of data via the Internet. One example of companies that have benefited greatly from an FTP service is printing. When print shop customers need to get something printed they can at any time send data files to FTP server where they are placed in a folder that customer only has write access to.  


With a FTP server sender can be sure that the data is sendt in right format to the receiver.

FrontFtp is a complete FTP server solution for your business, whether you're supporting a dozen users or a dozen other businesses. When you take FrontFtp use as their FTP Server, you have the benefits of complete security, easy access, and advanced options.

  • Setting up an FTP site quickly and easily.
  • A simple FTP and file sharing site for all your partners.
  • Receive notification when new files are added or changed.
  • Share files and folders using a simple web link.
  • Access files from any PC, Mac or Smartphone.
  • No FTP file size limitation by uploading or download.
  • Easy setup and administration for multiple users.
Description Standard Business Business Pro
Storage capacity 5GB 25GB 100GB
Traffic in GB per month 600GB 1200GB 3000GB
IP addresses 1 1 1
Number of users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Establishment 0,- 0,- 0,-
Monthly price 295,- 495,- 990,-
Description Standard Business Business Pro
Administrator panel Yes Yes Yes
Embedded HTTP client Yes Yes Yes
FTP Yes Yes Yes
SFTP Yes Yes Yes
HTTP Yes Yes Yes
HTTPS Yes Yes Yes
SSH Yes Yes Yes
Multilingual Yes Yes Yes
Custom Logo on the frontpage Yes Yes Yes
Additional services
Price Buy
Harddisk (+100GB) 80 kr/month.
Harddisk (+250GB) 160 kr/month.
Harddisk (+500GB) 320 kr/month.
Harddisk (+1000GB) 640 kr/month.
Harddisk (+2000GB) 1280 kr/month.
Traffic (+300GB)  320 kr/month.
Traffic (+600GB) 640 kr/month.
Traffic (+1200GB) 1280 kr/month.
Traffic (+3000GB) 3200 kr/month.


We take responsibility for operation and maintenance of your FTP server. An FTP server is characterized by high reliability and availability and we have several good reference customers in advertising, photographers and advertising industry. Let us help you with what we are good at so your life will be easier.


- 2Mbps ~ 600GB / month.
- 4 Mbps ~ 1200GB / month.
- 10Mbps ~ 3000GB / month.

Complete Security
FrontFtp secures your data using various of industry standard. Enables your company's stringent safety procedures, you can be sure that all data distributed through their FTP server is secure.

256-bit SSL encryption for FTPS and HTTPS.
SFTP support for basic firewall configuration and encryption options.
Enabling advanced password through length and complex characters combinations.
Enabling IP connectivity with DDNS support for mobile users.
Require encrypted connection for specified users.
Detailed logs of all server activity.
S / KEY One-time password for a secure standard FTP connections.

Easy access
Securely sharing resources with your users does not mean that it is difficult to configure. FrontFTP make your information more accessible to users other file sharing systems.

Five industry standard file sharing protocols are supported.
One simple domain may use multiple protocols.
Remote Web Administration for easy access.
Multi-lingual access 11 different languages.
Built Simple WEB client for easy access.

Advanced options
FrontFtp's advanced capabilities ensure that your bandwidth is used to the maximum, transfers are accurate, and your users get a streamlined FTP server service.

Bandwidth limits on multiple levels to prioritize available bandwidth.
Full group support for easy configuration of user accounts.
Guaranteed file transfer with XCRC skjekksum.
Data compression for maximum use of bandwidth.

Service Agreement
A service agreement, also called SLA (Service Level Agreement) is an agreement between you as a customer and Front Office where we offer you extended service feilavhjelping, emergency telephone mm Read about SLA agreement.

All prices are exclusive of VAT and the agreement is for 12 months. and payable in advance.