FrontMail outtbreak protection

Protect your network against email borne viruses, worms and trojans!

Front Mail Security Plus is a Spam protection module to the most complete email server: MDaemon, used in our Windows hosting.

Outbreak Protection / Zero-Hour protection

Security Plus gives your mail server next generation protection against viruses and spam. By combining the powerful real-time spam protection Recurrent Pattern Detection Technology (RPD ™), Zero Hour Virus Outbreak Protection ™ and regular email based antivirus protection is Security Plus the obvious choice for your email server. Outbreak Protection is a revolutionary real time antispam, antivirus, antispyware and antiphishings technology that proactively protects your email server automatically and immediately after viruses, spam or phishing outbreak. Since Outbreak Protection analyzes trends in email above content requires no downloading signature files or filters.

Protects you against phishing, adware, spyionvare, porn dialers, zombie program and spam
Security Plus provides increased protection against spam and phishing attacks. In addition, amounts of harmful programs as zombies, porn-dialers and adware spyionvare stopped before they reach your recipients.