FrontMail - Confidential e-mail with attachments up to 1GB

Have you had these problems? 

  • You can not send email with large attachments?
  • You want to send confidential or sensitive information?

With Front Mail lets you effortlessly send attachments, regardless of size and type, works on these platforms

  • pc
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Unix
  • iPhone / iPad
  • Android Phones
  • or other email clients without any software installation.

With Front Mail Secure can send confidential or sensitive information secure and encrypted.

Front Mail works like this:

  • Use your regular email client to send email with large attachments.
  • Send email so you've always done it, now with the possibility of large attachments or confidential email.
  • Front Mail receives your email, remove attachments and stores them on a secure web server (https: //)
  • Front Mail add a link for each attachment in your email.
  • Front Mail sends your message to your recipient.

    As a result:
  • The email has no large attachments, so your email is going faster.
  • Every email you send is small about 5KB, so they will never be rejected due. size limitations on the recipient side.
  • Never again will you fill up the recipient's email account with large attachments.
  • The recipient clicks on link and retrieve attachments via https: //.
  • If you wish,, Front Mail send you email notification when the recipient downloads the attachments ..
  • Send files in email - up to 1GB in size.
  • Reduce saving email attachments with 95%
  • Remove complicated FTP uploads when you share files with others.
  • The company saves bandwidth.
  • Save time and money.
  • No installation sender or recipient's computer.
  • On confidential email is password sent to the recipient's mobile phone and the original email is encrypted.
  • Work on incoming mail as the outgoing mail.
  • New user of FrontMail today.

How does Front Mail confidential email work

Previously selected companies to send confidential and sensitive information via mail, fax or couriers. But today these means of communication considered too slow and too costly, making email number one. Unfortunately, the email open and unprotected, and are very receptive to information leakage.

Misspelling of the recipient's address is just one of the risks introduced by email concept. Each time a normal email is sent, it is transmitted over the Internet before it finally reaches the selected recipient. On the way email passes through a number of servers and network components that constitute a security risk in the message and its contents.

FrontMail is a secure email service for individuals and organizations of all sizes, regardless of IT infrastructure. With FrontMail, you can choose to protect email without prior software installation or registration on either the sender or receiving party.
The service protects messages with strong encryption and authentication in a simple and hassle free manner. The service requires no investment in software or hardware, and is available immediately after registration.

FrontMail Registered Mail:

  1. Ola send an email to Kari, who is arbitrary receiver for both the sender and Front Mail.
  2. Kari receive a notification by registered mail in their inbox.
  3. Kari click on the link in the notification by registered mail, presented for Front Mail delivery location online, and Kari has received a one-time pin code via SMS.
  4. Kari enter PIN Front Mail's delivery point and Kari can now read, reply or download the email (with attachments up to 1GB) to their PC if she wants it.


FrontMail Business Email:

  1. Doe send an email to Kari Kari receive encrypted email directly to their inbox.
  2. Kari click on the link in email notification, presented for Front Mail delivery location online, but Kari uses its custom password to retrieve encrypted email, to get a custom password must be rergistrert use of Front Mail.
  3. Kari enter password to Front Mail's delivery point and Kari can now read, reply or download the email (with attachments up to 1GB) to their PC if she wants it



Do you use hosting email services subscribe our email service with FrontMail.


By subscribing to email services from Front Office and use us as their email provider, we stop viruses and spam in their email and fixes problem with large attachments and confidential transmission of email.
Read more about email hotel. or hosting with FrontPage Mail support.

Beskrivelse Entry Basic Standard Business
Ant. konti: 1 5 10 20
Anti-virus og Spam filter Ja Ja Ja Ja
Månedspris 20,- 75,- 145,- 245,-

Do you use you own email server (eg Exchange) yhen this is you solution:


By letting all emails go through Front Office email gateway server do you need no new investments. Instead draw you a email Gateway subscriptions with Front Mail support for a fixed monthly price.


Description Basic Standard Business Enterprise
Ant. konti: 1-9 10-20 21-50 51-99
Anti-virus and Spam filter Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monthly price 75,- 145,- 495,- 990,-

Email attachments converted with Front Mail bill arrears kr 195, - pr. month. for each commenced GB
Email attachments stored on the server with FrontPage Mail bill arrears kr 10, - pr. month. for each commenced GB.
Konfidensell email sent with Front Mail bill arrears. month. NOK: 5, - for each email.

We can also deliver turnkey solutions

For larger customers collaborate FrontOffice with several major players in the ICT industry. We have chosen not to participate in larger tenders, because our philosophy is to be neutral to our partners, who are also our customers.
That Font Office often contributes as onsite personnel for the above mentioned actors by larger deliveries or operational missions.

We deliver our FrontMail solutions "turnkey" including training of key personnel at the customer.
Front Office also offers service and maintenance contracts, both standard agreements and tailored solutions for customer needs.
Contact us about turnkey solution.

All prices are exclusive of VAT and the agreement is for 12 months. and payable in advance.