VPS - Virtual Privat Server

With a Virtual Private Server from FrontOffice, you get the same freedom, control and stability of a dedicated server at a fraction of what a dedicated server costs!

 Dedicated Resource Access
Traditional hosting and Virtual Private Server (VPS) agencies share resources with others. With a Virtual Private Server (VPS) from Front Office, you are guaranteed a dedicated resource access.

Cost Effectively
The capacity of a VPS can anytime increase or decrease, so you only pay for the resources you use, neither more nor less.

No investments
A VPS has no startup fee, requires no investment in hardware, and if you want to use a different operating system than those mentioned here, we can also install it for you. 

  Linux Virtuell Privat Server 

Linux hosting is offered in several os as Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and CentOS. LAMP hosting - Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP is something that is highly sought after among programmers and web developers seeking stable server environment with high availability. Linux and the majority of associated applications are open source software, which provides a beneficial and cost effective price image.

  Windows Virtuell Privat Server 

A Windows operating system gives you customer the opportunity to use components and features like ASP, ASP, .NET and MS SQL and Access or Apache, PHP and MySql and not least all other windows applications. The connection to a Windows server is via the terminal services RPD, which under simplifies system configuration and management.

 Key Benefits of Virtual Private Server from Front Office 

  • Front Office's virtual servers with VMware ESX including your OS (Windows or Linux)
    - Most VPS servers "parts" operating system among multiple customers.
  • Our virtual servers stores data on a SAN based storage with enterprise-class redundancy
    - Most VPS servers use less reliable local disks for storing data.
  • Our virtual servers includes guaranteed amounts of CPU, RAM and SAN storage
    - Many VPS hosts "parts" hardware resources between multiple customers

Managed / Unmanaged server

  • Managed operations solution:
    As standard our virtual server with unmanaged operational solution, but can also be delivered as managed operations solution. With a managed operation solution is the Front Office which is responsible for the daily operation and updates. We activate firewall with IDS / ISP functionality and install surveillance tools. You will not receive administrator access to your computer, then it is we who are responsible for the operation.
  • Unmanaged operational solution:
    With such løsningl will get full administrator access to the server, but it is also you return that accounts for the daily operations and updating the responsibility of the server. Front Office may, however, assist you with technical kompantanse against that this is billed on an hourly basis.

We all know that today is the goal is to manage all aspects of their environment, thus having a dedicated OS instance is crucial, which is especially true for companies that rely on their underlying platform for transactions and revenues, and must achieve certain regulatory and compliance certifications around their technology infrastructure would require them to have full control over the underlying operating system.

It is here that Virtual Server solution from Front Office will give you more flexibility, security and redundant SAN based storage compared to typical Virtual Private Server solution available off the shelf in the market today.